Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lowrider Cat

This is my sister's crazy cat. His name is Carne, and he was a stray until my sister attempted to domesticate him. Carne will destroy anything in his path. Currently he is a General in the war on string. He refuses to admit defeat. He also regularly beats up on a 150 lb Rottweiler. Look at him-10 lbs of pure muscle! He has no neck and very short legs. In this photo he is scouting out his next battle.
When I was visiting my sister last, I was talking on the phone. Carne snuck up behind me on the counter, and attacked my head. It was terrifying. When I told my sister, she said, "oh yea, he has a thing about hair." BEWARE!

More Petsitting

We are petsitting again. This time we are watching two bunnies- the Bunnyman and Echo. Buster is pouting. I thought I mentioned it to him, but I guess in all the hoopla over my sister's wedding, I forgot. He was not too keen on the furniture rearrangement in the kitchen, and he is doubly unkeen on the fact that now there are two bunnies in his kitchen. Rabbits are very territorial, and foreign bunnies=aggression.
Last night Buster actually charged me and growled. He is not happy. I feel bad, even when he is being mean, I just think it is so cute!

Monday, November 07, 2005


Now we are Smee-less and the world is returning to normal again, just in time for the holidays! I am going home this weekend and then again in two weeks for Thanksgiving. Poor pets.
Two weeks after giving thanks, I will be cursing Father Time, because I am turning 30. Nevermind all the benchmarks of the age, I have a happy home, my health, and a job. Anything else is just being greedy.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Smee sitting

We are chihuahua sitting until Sunday. I am so happy, because I have always wanted a chihuahua, and now I have the cutest, neediest one ever! Her name is Smee, she is ten years old, and, yes, her tongue always sticks out like that. I was in the grocery store yesterday, just a cell phone call away from being Paris Hilton, as I picked out apples and soothed my little dog. I was actually talking to her in the fruit section because she wimpers whenever you leave her sight, and sometimes when you are standing right in front of her!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

can you believe it?!!! This is getting creepy

You Are A: Bunny!

bunny rabbitThese adorable woodland animals are known for their fluffy cotton tail and shy disposition. Bunnies reproduce like crazy and are found all over the world. As a bunny, you spend your days hopping through fields and chewing on grass and leaves. Your cuddly, gentle appearance is irresistable!

You were almost a: Groundhog or a Pony
You are least like a: Duck or a FrogTake the Cute Animal Quiz!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bad Buster

Exhibit A
Buster eating the plant.
Exhibit B
Up close, not just sniffing.

the return of the cutest thing

Buster loves bananas, he goes nuts for them, though they are very fattening, see proof (left).

I haven't been keeping up, but Buster really has been doing cute things:
1. Someone (not me this time!) didn't close the door to Buster's pen completely and Buster jumped onto our bed at four in the morning! Who knows what he was doing all night long?
2. Buster got a gift, a peachtree branch. He loves to chew it and throw it around. It is so cute. I have pictures.
3. This very morning, I was hugging Christopher goodbye and Buster stood right in the middle of us on my feet. He wanted love too!

Monday, August 15, 2005

Tofu You Junkyard Cat!

Sunday I went to the Tofu Festival in Los Angeles, yada, yada, yada, I left with a tow yard cat.
The Tofu Festival was great, the food was pretty good, and our car got towed. Paul Reiser emceed the tofu eating contest. I was trying to remember what show Paul Reiser was on and I kept getting him confused with Steve Guttenberg. My Two Dads, no, Three Men and a Baby, no, hmmmm. He was actually really funny, but I wonder if he was doing the show for the love of tofu. Wasn't Mad About You a mega hit show?! Helen Hunt is doing movies, what about Paul!? When is Jack Nicholson going to call Paul!?!?!?
The towing thing was a total pain. There were three of us and we did not see any signs about restricted parking. Judging from the line in the tow place, others didn't either. We walked about twenty minutes to the tow yard and waited about a half hour in line. I must say, the tow truck drivers were really friendly and gave us sodas. The cutest little kitten was running around the parking lot, and he came right up to me for attention. Of course, I picked him up and we all decided that he was too sweet to leave there. On the way out we asked the drivers if we could take him. They told us that he is friendly and were happy to give him a happy home with three lovely ladies!
We call him Viertel. We gave him a bath, cleaned his ears and fed him. He hated the first two. I have some A-dorable pictures of him in a pink sweater that I will post if I can figure out how to get them from my phone to a computer!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Nah, not so cute

Lately Buster, who has finally reached that terrible age of adolescence, has been not so cute. He has taken up un-cute hobbies, like digging into the carpet and taking big bites of carpet. I still hate to leave him when I go to work, because he gives me a look saying that he is really sorry and will try not to do it again.
I have a couple of vacations planned in the coming months and I feel quite a bit of anxiety about what to do with Buster. Skip is so self sufficient, and his home is spacious enough for him to run around a bit. Poor Bus is confined to a space no more than 3'x2'. I think he must be almost 1'1/2". These are very rough dimensions here, I am not that good at estimating space. As an example, I think all destinations are a half hour away. Thus I am always late.
With my number one petsitter moving at the end of the month, I am forced to consider other options. Option one, finding someone to come to my house. Pro: Bus gets to be in familiar surroundings. Con: He might have to stay in his home the whole time. Option two, board in a kennel or in someone's home. Pro: He will get fed for sure. Con: I don't think he will get out much here either, and he will be with a stranger! I don't know if there is time for the full background check, fingerprinting, home visits, and reference checking that are associated with this option. More later...