Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Lowrider Cat

This is my sister's crazy cat. His name is Carne, and he was a stray until my sister attempted to domesticate him. Carne will destroy anything in his path. Currently he is a General in the war on string. He refuses to admit defeat. He also regularly beats up on a 150 lb Rottweiler. Look at him-10 lbs of pure muscle! He has no neck and very short legs. In this photo he is scouting out his next battle.
When I was visiting my sister last, I was talking on the phone. Carne snuck up behind me on the counter, and attacked my head. It was terrifying. When I told my sister, she said, "oh yea, he has a thing about hair." BEWARE!

More Petsitting

We are petsitting again. This time we are watching two bunnies- the Bunnyman and Echo. Buster is pouting. I thought I mentioned it to him, but I guess in all the hoopla over my sister's wedding, I forgot. He was not too keen on the furniture rearrangement in the kitchen, and he is doubly unkeen on the fact that now there are two bunnies in his kitchen. Rabbits are very territorial, and foreign bunnies=aggression.
Last night Buster actually charged me and growled. He is not happy. I feel bad, even when he is being mean, I just think it is so cute!