Monday, August 15, 2005

Tofu You Junkyard Cat!

Sunday I went to the Tofu Festival in Los Angeles, yada, yada, yada, I left with a tow yard cat.
The Tofu Festival was great, the food was pretty good, and our car got towed. Paul Reiser emceed the tofu eating contest. I was trying to remember what show Paul Reiser was on and I kept getting him confused with Steve Guttenberg. My Two Dads, no, Three Men and a Baby, no, hmmmm. He was actually really funny, but I wonder if he was doing the show for the love of tofu. Wasn't Mad About You a mega hit show?! Helen Hunt is doing movies, what about Paul!? When is Jack Nicholson going to call Paul!?!?!?
The towing thing was a total pain. There were three of us and we did not see any signs about restricted parking. Judging from the line in the tow place, others didn't either. We walked about twenty minutes to the tow yard and waited about a half hour in line. I must say, the tow truck drivers were really friendly and gave us sodas. The cutest little kitten was running around the parking lot, and he came right up to me for attention. Of course, I picked him up and we all decided that he was too sweet to leave there. On the way out we asked the drivers if we could take him. They told us that he is friendly and were happy to give him a happy home with three lovely ladies!
We call him Viertel. We gave him a bath, cleaned his ears and fed him. He hated the first two. I have some A-dorable pictures of him in a pink sweater that I will post if I can figure out how to get them from my phone to a computer!