Monday, August 08, 2005

Nah, not so cute

Lately Buster, who has finally reached that terrible age of adolescence, has been not so cute. He has taken up un-cute hobbies, like digging into the carpet and taking big bites of carpet. I still hate to leave him when I go to work, because he gives me a look saying that he is really sorry and will try not to do it again.
I have a couple of vacations planned in the coming months and I feel quite a bit of anxiety about what to do with Buster. Skip is so self sufficient, and his home is spacious enough for him to run around a bit. Poor Bus is confined to a space no more than 3'x2'. I think he must be almost 1'1/2". These are very rough dimensions here, I am not that good at estimating space. As an example, I think all destinations are a half hour away. Thus I am always late.
With my number one petsitter moving at the end of the month, I am forced to consider other options. Option one, finding someone to come to my house. Pro: Bus gets to be in familiar surroundings. Con: He might have to stay in his home the whole time. Option two, board in a kennel or in someone's home. Pro: He will get fed for sure. Con: I don't think he will get out much here either, and he will be with a stranger! I don't know if there is time for the full background check, fingerprinting, home visits, and reference checking that are associated with this option. More later...